Painting & Composition Seminar

Are you looking to improve your watercolor techniques, understand how to choose colors and create balanced and engaging compositions?

Check out this brand new crash course. 


This newly improved seminar, based on over twenty years of experience, will give you all the knowledge you need to plan and execute your paintings from A to Z. We will focus on the key elements to a successful artwork: UNDERSTANDING AND CHOOSING COLORS, COMPOSITION, TECNIQUES.

This is not a collection of short-lived tricks or a tutorial on how to paint a flash, it’s a deep, comprehensive study of all the basic theory behind a painting. The universal concepts examined are then applicable to whichever style or motif you choose to represent, being tattoo related or not. 

No entry level is required as we start from the very basics and develop progressively. 

The seminar is recorded, once purchased you keep access to the videos to watch them at your own pace, for as many times as you like.

Available in English, Spanish and Italian.

This course includes:

1) Five hours of streaming content resuming 20 years of experience and practice in:


  • Light and perception
  • Historical background
  • Color wheel constitutive elements
  • Understanding color schemes and harmony
  • Compositional structure of color


  • Basics of perception and definition
  • Hierarchy of Composition
  • Tools to create more engaging compositions
  • Driving the painting’s narrative
  • Elements and Principles of design
  • Composition types
  • Planning a composition: what to remember and what to avoid
  • Assignments: how to practice


  • Fundamental watercolor techniques
  • Demonstration
  • Advanced techniques

2) PDFs with a comprehensive overview of tools and materials used in watercolor, key points and extra resources.

Requirements: No level is required as it will start from the fundamentals, addressing individual specific issues. This course will give you all the theoretical tools you need to start painting, even if you never touched a brush. For those more experienced it will deepen your techniques, enabling to expand your vision with a newly acquired structure.

Price of the seminar: 500 €

Watercolor painting seminar or webinar for tattooers


“The color theory work honestly has been totally life changing for me”

“I’m still daydreaming about color theory, that was an amazing webinar! The passion you have towards what you do carries over to the way you teach, making it super informative and easy to understand”

“For me it was an excellent seminar, a great experience. Thank you for your patience and knowledge, it helped me a lot to go back to things about color that I had not reviewed since I was in university. I feel very inspired thanks to the seminar and with the desire to work and continue learning”

“You broke things down in very understandable ways, even if the concept was a little complex, and made it comfortable to ask questions if something didn’t make sense. I learned so much and feel more motivated to work on my technique without feeling embarrassed or directionless in the process.”

“I found this to be an incredibly valuable and experienced watercolor class. I loved that you provided information about the why behind all of our materials. The critique was excellent and I learned more from looking at the work of others and seeing that at every level there was room for improvement. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Personally want to thank you, never going to look at colour the same again. You have an engaging, storytelling way with words it’s evident very passionate with what you do. Expressed simply and easy to digest. Can’t wait to put everything into practice!”

“I really enjoyed the seminar, it was exactly what I needed to step up my color scheme. You did a very good job explaining everything and it all made sense. You’re a great teacher.”