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drawing and painting?
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I believe that being a tattooer is more than blending colors, crispy lines, and followers.

A certain understanding of history, mindset, and methods are necessary to not only express your full potential as an artist but to develop a broader and more informed perspective on this trade. These notions are often hard to reach and require years of dedication and networking.


For this reason I have created this program. With it I want to help forming more skilled and conscious artists that have a common mindset of excellence and respect for the trade and the customer.

I’ll do that by sharing what I have learned over two decades of hard work, travels and mistakes. We will address your strengths and weaknesses with an holistic approach that embraces all aspects of your professional output.


It is a three months commitment, 1 on 1 coaching (not a group session).

The structure of the program is designed so that I can afford to give my full time and attention towards delivering the highest value I’m capable of.


In this program we will engage in topics such as drawing fundamentals, Tattoo history and building blocks of main styles, watercolour painting and color harmony, technique, mindset and productivity, branding, networking, mobility for tattooers plus targeted areas of interest.



-You must have at least two years of experience in shops (no apprentices).


-We will start with an initial VETTING PROCESS, to make sure we’re on the same page in regard to goals, efforts, and attitudes toward tattooing. I want to share this knowledge with people that display an ambitious and still humble, hardworking, and respectful mindset.


-After the vetting phase we will have a FREE ASSESSMENT SESSION so that I can tailor the process according to individual goals and priorities. We will navigate through different fields such as Technical skills (both in Drawing/Painting/Tattooing), Style, Mindset, Longevity, History, Ethics, Creativity, Brand and Business model, Side Projects, etc.


-After the assessment session we will meet online every week with both recorded content(so that you can absorb the content in the most organic way possible) and Live (to tackle direct questions and individual targets).


-Every 4 weeks we will have a NEW ASSESSMENT SESSION to evaluate progress and restructure accordingly.

-The price for the full course is 1950$, to be paid in full once participation is confirmed.

-Each program lasts 3 months, only 5 applicants will be accepted per trimester.

-Once each trimester is fully booked you can join a waiting list for the next program. You can confirm your slot on the waiting list by paying a deposit.

For those interested in proceeding further please send an email to: steftattooer@gmail.com


**Undertaking training that updates existing business or professional skills and expertise (seminars and courses such as this) is tax deductible in many countries.

This course includes:

1)Two Hours of streaming content covering:


  •  Light and perception
  • Historical background
  • Color wheel constituve elements
  • Color Reality
  • Understanding color schemes and harmony
  • Compositional structure


  • Fundamental watercolor tecniques
  • Demostration
  • Advnced tecniques

2) PDF with a comprehensive overviewof tools and materials used in watercolor.


3) Three and a half hours(approx.) of Live class via Zoom covering:


       Theory, techniques, and process


  1. Thought process management   Deal constructively with negative emotions like anxiety, frustration, fear of failure.
  1. Productivity hacks: 

            Maximize your outcome


Addressing individual issues 

Finding margins for improvement

The participants will receive beforehand a brief questionnaire to understand and target specific needs. You will be asked as well to send over a painting or illustration which will be critiqued openly in the group for everybody’s benefit. It’s constructive criticism, the group will be a safe space for sharing, so that everybody can learn from different approaches and understand where room for improvement is.

Requirements: No level is required as it will start from the fundamentals, addressing individual specific issues. This crash course will give you all the theoretical tools you need to start painting, even if you never touched a brush. For those more experienced it will deepen your techniques, enabling to expand your vision with a newly acquired structure.

The price for the seminar is 175$.

Once the dates for the next webinar are set(you can inquiry about upcoming ones via mail or follow updates on Instagram) you will be able to book it via the website’s SHOP.


I thoroughly enjoyed the mentorship program, there was a very flexible approach tailored to what I wanted to strengthen but also to parts that have helped me in ways that I had not originally thought of.

The classes are delivered eloquently and very attentive to detail, which means business but are also light-hearted and there were a few laughs along the way. Every so often there would be feedback sessions where there was the opportunity for me to recap into previous parts, submit work where I had put into practice what was learned in the classes, and plenty of honest constructive feedback.

Stef is very steadfast in going “to the roots and not the fruits”, and “simplify and optimize” which are statements that have not only helped me be more structured in my approach but also targeted individual elements I want to improve on. I have developed tools from this program that will be with me for life, references, and books that are amazing, every part of this program has been well thought through.

You get a real sense of passion and care from Stef, you can feel that the improvement of the individual is important to Stef and not just about money.

I can honestly say I looked forward to every single class and assignment and the 3 months flew by all too fast. I love how this didn’t just focus on tattooing, but health, mindset, painting, structure, routine, and discipline which are all transferable skills.

In my mind the program is not over, I will be using the time that would have been in class to isolate skills and further practice what we have learned. It’s been a lovely journey and certainly won’t be the last! Thank you, Stef for all your time, patience, and attention 🙏🏼 It’s been a superb experience and I would highly recommend it!

I have had the best time taking part in this mentorship! Every session I felt energized and excited to take on the assignments. With each session, I was well-informed and not feeling like I had gaps in the information. There is room throughout the program to take in the information along with dedicated questions sessions that solidified that this is a personalized mentorship.

You can’t fault Stef’s energy and enthusiasm, as it’s infectious! Making you want to get out there and put it all into practice then and there. Taking it back to basics really gives you an effective understanding of how designs work.

Stef sharing his knowledge and time was the progression I needed in what is considered the “middle years” of my career. He has given me the tools to critically self-edit but also to continue my further learning with an objective eye. This has given strength to my “why” I work in this career, spending time with Stef really has fuelled the fire in my pursuit to be a better artist.

The tools I have gained throughout the three months are lifelong and have a better understanding of the images and reference materials we all have access to.

Thank you, Stef for giving me an opportunity to learn and for putting together a comprehensive experience.

I recently had the privilege of taking part in Stef Bastiàn’s newly offered mentorship program. I consider Stef to be somewhat of a sage of modern tattooing; an invaluable asset to the tattoo community and its trajectory moving forward as well its preservation of the past. As such, I was quite excited to dive into this course, learn and grow, and see what would come of it.

For our sessions, Stef had a structured but also organic and open approach to teaching. He has a strong belief in the fundamentals and foundational tools that shape the core of our ability as artists. Stef is an expert at deconstructing a masterpiece (whether tattoo or painting), and turning it into an approachable lesson, relating the steps involved to the strong foundational undercurrent in any truly great piece of art. And most importantly, acknowledging the sources of influence and the history of each art style. We also touched on mindset- such an important part of a career as a tattooer that is too often overlooked.

Sometimes I was prompted to ask questions about anything I wished to learn or “question sessions”. These would inevitably lead to some great teaching moments and good conversation; a testament to the wide range of knowledge, experience, and insight Stef has toward almost any topic.

Throughout the course, Stef always made himself readily available despite the massive timezone difference we share, and despite the fact that he is always on the go to conventions, creating podcasts, making giant beautiful paintings, or healing from getting jumped – the dude is consistent!

It felt as if each segment of our teachings could have ultimately been a 3-month course in and of itself. Stef put the effort in to cover a ton of content in a compressed format while simultaneously being flexible to adapting and evolving the course to suit my preferences. Stef truly enjoys the act of teaching and it’s clear he wants to push the community in a positive direction.

I appreciate the time and effort that was put into this program by Stef and would recommend it to any tattooer that’s looking for some new perspective and some guidance in multiple aspects of their career. We are all extremely fortunate to have tattooing as not only a profession but a sort of path to walk in life. The progression only plateaus if you allow it.

There’s so much to learn, so much history, so much to adapt to, so many relationships to form, and enough potential for continued growth to carry on through multiple lifetimes, really. The best part about this course, in my opinion, is that it sets you up with some sharp tools and frameworks to get you that much further down the path.

Thanks, Stef!”