About Me

I grew up in the beautiful Florence where art is all around you. The fascination for tattoos started with my first interactions in my neighborhood with Maurizio Fiorini, a historical Italian tattooer of the past. I’ve spent countless afternoons listening to his tales of the old ways were outlaws, rituals, and life lessons shaped this magical world called Tattooing.

From there I took off to travel the world to learn from the best. A decade on the road, with no home apart from a suitcase, gave me invaluable baggage of technical and personal experience and a deeper appreciation for the roots of this craft. I want to share this understanding with the younger generation of artists to contribute to the industry as a whole.

With now, more than twenty years of tattooing under my belt and a focus on American Traditional I like to be involved in different side projects and collaborations: some with various artists and brands, others of my own creation such as the Stef Bastián Presents charity work. I also teach various drawing, painting, and tattooing classes and run the free podcast “Tattoo Tales”, where you can learn about tattoo history.

I am now based between Barcelona and Copenhagen, with frequent trips across Europe.

Thank you for your support and remember that you can master anything you choose to focus on, just always keep in mind your why and make sure it comes from a good place.

Sincerely yours

Stef Bastiàn