My first encounter with tattoos goes back to when I was a kid.

In my neighborhood in Florence there was a man, in his fifties, covered in fading blue tattoos.

The one in his ear striking me the most. There was something mysterious and transgressive about him, his nonconformism fascinated me. Over the years our paths crossed again. The next time I saw the man – Maurizio Fiorini – I was 15. He was on the cover of Tattoo Life, I was sitting in the apartment of one of his apprentices, waiting for my first tattoo.

A few years later, obsessed with tattooing, I had started hanging out at his shop ´til I gained the opportunity to learn about the tools of the trade.

Today, after 17 years as a professional tattooist – spending almost 10 of those years traveling and working in shops around the world – my commitment to the trade couldn´t be more absolute. A great man once said “Lead by example” and I do this by respecting the craft, the tradition, and the people who shaped the history of tattooing. As my commitment and gratitude grow, I aim to give back to the industry through hard work.

My field of specialization is Western traditional, and I’m always working on perfecting the classics through solid and clean tattooing.

Thanks for stopping by and making this all possible


Stef Bastiàn