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mixed tattoo styles

Here you can find some examples of the various tattoo styles that Stef works with. Having grown up professionally in street shops, he has become well acquainted with a variety of techniques to accomodate a wide range of requests. Regardless of individual preferences, the key elements in crafting the best tattoo you can possibly get always are:
-to respect the most important technical aspects of a good tattoo which are readability, aging and placement on the body – also considering possible future choices.
-to offer you 20+ years of experience to bring your idea to the next level.
-to give you an overall good experience to create a good memory, as tattooing is more than just pretty pictures.
Whatever your idea and favourite style might be, color or black and grey, big or small, flash or custom, fine or bold, please feel free to enquiry via the booking form in the main page to explore together the best options for your next tattoo.