Today I’d like to share two books for those of you looking for not only good images as reference but also learning and studying certain specific subjects.

Garden of Serpents – Eckel

Snakes. We’re always looking for ways to learn how to draw them better.

Eckel is a name that when it comes to drawing doesn’t need much introduction, I remember how his sketchbooks from years back were a worldwide reference in the industry. This specific book is an amazing resource to learn how to break down the structure of snakes and understand what makes a good design, including mistakes to avoid.

Highly recommended if you are looking to delve into this subject.

Waboripedia – Jean González

Japanese tattooing, a subject for which a lifetime of study and practice is not enough. Especially for non-natives, Japanese folklore and history – which ultimately creates the specific aesthetic in tattooing – carry a wealth of information often hard to obtain and harder to decipher. This new book I just found (still available in preorder) can be one of the many references you can look into to get a sense of direction and a bit of the background for some of the most commonly used themes.



After years of research, painting and writing, INFERNO is finally here.

Drawing on my roots and my beloved city, Florence, I have portrayed one of the most famous pieces of italian literature, The Divine Comedy, using the aesthetics of traditional tattooing. In 33 watercolor paintings styled as backpieces, I have illustrated this timeless story. The accompanying texts – in three languages, English, Spanish and Italian – explain the original story, its deep philosophical meanings and the symbolism I chose to represent.

With this body of work I hope to pay a tribute to my cultural roots and also inspire other artists on how we can get inspiration from multiple sources, as long as we understand how to speak the visual language.The paintings are also available on my website as individual prints in multiple formats

*The book will be also available soon in the UK through Gentleman’s Flash and in Canada.