I came across this cool page about yōkai, a funny little collection of images and short stories with references oon who wrote the original articles.

You might say: “Stef, dude, it’s in Japanese!”.

Yes it is, little hack?

Press the icon with letters on the top left of your navigation bar and select ‘TRANSLATE’, then choose the language that suits you.


Now you can read the whole page. You’re welcome 😊



There are people that raise the bar in sports, business, politics and many other fields. Regardless of the specific environment, they all strive for excellence.


What particularly resonates with me in the words of Kobe Bryant is his mindset. The common denominator to many of his strategies is the idea that ‘hard work outweighs talent – every time”. I can relate to that, as I don’t have outstanding talents when it comes to drawing or painting: everything is the fruit of years of relentless hard work.

We might not aim at becoming the n.1 in the world but building the habits of that kind of person, will skyrocket our results. As I try to really dissect in the mentorship, goal setting can help us design the environment that will support these new habits, redesigning our whole identity and bringing us closer to the life we desire, whatever that might look like.

I’m sure Kobe’s words will inspire you as they inspire me to become the best version of yourself.