Stef Bastián

Subtracting the obvious
Adding the meaningful

 John Maeda


At a very young age I fell in love with tattoos 

and the raw power they carry. 

In my neighborhood in Florence there was a man, 

in his fifties, covered in fading blue tattoos. 

There was something mysterious and transgressive about him, his nonconformism fascinated me.

Years later, at the age of 15, I saw the man again, Maurizio Fiorini, on the cover 

of a popular magazine. 

I was sitting in the apartment of one of his apprentices, waiting for my first tattoo. 

Overtime my obsession with tattooing would bring me to his shop, where I slowly and respectfully

 gained the opportunity to learn about the tools 

of the trade and the magic of this craft.

Today, after two decades as a professional tattooist, spending  10 of those years traveling and working

 in shops around the world, my commitment 

to the trade couldn´t be more absolute.

With the words “Fullfillment” and “Impact” 

always in mind, I manifest my creativity 

across different fields and collectives, with projects spanning  from art exhibitions to podcasting,  

including charity work and teaching.

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The Podcast

The recollections of a lifetime of achievements, challenges and dedication

 coming from the most significant tattooers of our time.

Their entertaining stories provide us with an informed and inspiring perspective, 

sparking reflections on the many facets of tattooing and human experience.

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