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Barcelona & Copenhagen

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Want to learn more about tattooing and how to optimize
your potential as an artist?

From his 20+ years of tattooing, traveling and networking Stef has put together
a Mentorship Program that covers a variety of areas to sharpen your skills,
give you a system to keep progressing on your own and a new sense of direction.

Some of the topics treated are:

-Comprehensive overview of the foundations of Drawing, Painting and Composition
-Productivity assessment and strategy plan based on accountability
-Mindset optimization to avoid burnouts and reframe situations constructively
-Branding, marketing and social medias strategy
-Fundamentals of styles

12 weeks of recorded content, extra resources and live meetings
will prepare you to bring your career to the next level.
Dante Inferno - Stef Bastians new Book - a tribute to the divine comedy
Classic literature meets traditional tattooing in Stef Bastiàn's new book Inferno.

Drawing inspiration from Italian masterpiece The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, this timeless tale is brought to life through 33 hand-painted backpieces that explore the creative boundaries of American tradition tattoo iconography.

Accompanied by texts in English, Spanish and Italian, Inferno delves into the original story's symbolism and philosophy. A unique visual and cultural resource for tattoo artists and enthusiasts.


Stef Bastián is a traditional tattoo artist located in Barcelona and Copenhagen, specialized in American traditional and Japanese. You can contact him for info regarding bookings in those locations or find him guesting at some of the best tattoo conventions and tattoo shops across Europe. For updates about travel plans, you can follow the Instagram page or by subscribe to the weekly newsletter. 

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Here you will find a variety of quality prints shipped on demand worldwide, as well as original paintings for sale. Also through the shop you can check the next availability for watercolor webinars, in-person seminars and confirm your spot on the next available Mentorship. Read more about the new Watercolor Painting 2.0 webinar and Mentor Program on the dedicated section.


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