Stef Bastián



& color harmony

This brand new webinar is composed of two parts: one recorded and one Live via Zoom. 

Once participation is confirmed you will receive the links to the videos and PDFs so that you can study and practice beforehand. Then we will connect via videoconference on a date mutually agreed upon to interact as a small class, so to complete the seminar with the remaining content. This will enable you to clarify directly with me all questions you might have on technique, theory and process.

The subjects covered will be the following:

  • TOOLS & MATERIALS: overview

  • COLOR THEORY: Light and Perception; Historical background; Color wheel and constitutive elements of Color theory/color relativity; Understanding color schemes and harmony; Compositional structure

  • TECNIQUES: Fundamental watercolor tecniques; Demonstration; Advanced tecniques

  • PAINTINGS CRITIQUE: addressing individual issues

  • MINDSET: Thought process management; Productivity hacks

Requirements: No level is required as it will start from the fundamentals, addressing individual specific issues.


This crash course will give you all the theoretical tools you need to start painting, even if you never touched a brush. For those more experienced it will deepen your techniques, enabling to expand your vision with a newly acquired structure.

Materials needed:

2 brushes

Watercolor paper


Paper towel

A pencil

A drop counter

A small bowl or a cup

Material to take notes(notepad, pen)


The price of the course is 150€, payable via PayPal or Bank transfer once the date and participation are confirmed.

The participants will receive beforehand a brief questionnaire to understand and target specific needs. You will be asked as well to send over a painting or illustration which will be critiqued openly in the group for everybody’s benefit. It’s constructive criticism, the group will be a safe space for sharing, so that everybody can learn from different approaches and understand where room for improvement is.

Time and dates:

Dates will be announced on Instagram or directly via mail to those who applied for a spot.