Watercolor Painting & Color Harmony Webinar


This brand new webinar is a 5hrs course hold in one session via video conference. You will connect with a small class via Zoom to benefit from live interaction. 

The subjects covered will be the following:

– TOOLS & MATERIALS: overview

– COLOR THEORY: Light and Perception; Historical background; Color wheel and constitutive elements of Color theory/color relativity; Understanding color schemes and harmony; Compositional structure

– TECNIQUES: Fundamental watercolor tecniques; Demonstration; Live practice and individual feedback; Advanced tecniques

– PAINTING CRITIQUE: addressing individual issues

– MINDSET: Focus; Thought process management; Productivity hacks


The teachings will be accompanied by reference and sources PDF


Requirements:   No level is required as it will start from the fundamentals, addressing individual specific issues. 

This crash course will give you all the theoretical tools you need to start painting, even if you never touched a brush. 

For those more experienced it will deepen your techniques, enabling to expand your vision with a newly acquired structure. 


Price:  The price of the course is 150€, payable via PayPal or Bank transfer once date and participation is confirmed. 

The participants will receive beforehand a brief questionnaire to understand and target specific needs. You will be asked as well to send over a painting or illustration which will be critiqued openly in the group for everybody’s benefit. It’s constructive criticism, the group will be a safe space for sharing, so that everybody can learn from different approaches and understand where room for improvement is. 


Time and dates:   Dates will be announced on Instagram or directly via mail to those who applied previously for a spot. 

For info or to get on the priority list for the next seminar please write to:    Steftattooer@gmail.com

“The color theory work honestly has been totally life-changing for me”

“For me, it was an excellent seminar, a great experience. Thank you for your patience and knowledge, it helped me a lot to go back to things about color that I had not reviewed since I was in university. I feel very inspired thanks to the seminar and with the desire to work and continue learning”

“You broke things down in very understandable ways, even if the concept was a little complex, and made it comfortable to ask questions if something didn’t make sense. I learned so much and feel more motivated to work on my technique without feeling embarrassed or directionless in the process.”

“I found this to be an incredibly valuable and experienced watercolor class. I loved that you provided information about the why behind all of our materials. The critique was excellent and I learned more from looking at the work of others and seeing that at every level there was room for improvement. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Personally want to thank you, never going to look at colour the same again. You have an engaging, storytelling way with words it’s evident very passionate with what you do. Expressed simply and easy to digest.
Can’t wait to put everything into practice!”

“I really enjoyed the seminar, it was exactly what I needed to step up my color scheme. You did a very good job explaining everything and it all made sense. You’re a great teacher.”

“I’m still daydreaming about color theory, that was an amazing webinar! The passion you have towards what you do carries over to the way you teach, making it super informative and easy to understand”
Courtney -SAN DIEGO, CA