For the second edition of his charity oriented art projects, Stef Bastiàn decided to bring together an even more spectacular collective of world-class artists. The 15th anniversary of the London’s convention displayed the works of 200+ artists, once more amongst the very best this profession has to offer. This time they decorated the Uchiwa, a traditional Japanese paddle paper fan. In a fast moving world where the meanings of acquiring informations changed, Stef felt there was the need to remember where the basis of this industry come from and whom to be grateful to. With the belief that it’s important to be aware of the roots, and not just look at the fruits, this exhibition wants to celebrate Gratitude and Traditions. Therefore, each participant paid homage with his/her painting to artists of the past which contributed to pave the way. As for last year, the end goal is to go beyond the boundaries of tattooing and inspire on a higher level through charity. Through an online auction, almost 40.000$ have been raised and entirely donated to Operation Underground Railroad, an association which actively fights children’ sexual exploitment worldwide.