Stef can’t really sit still. Here you will find all the artistic projects and collaborations he’s involved with.





Merging traditional mediums and creative exploration Stef and Delia Vico, in collaboration with TattooDo, joined this year’s DESIGN MATTERS conference in Copenhagen, a community of creative minds who share the same drive for digital design, technology, art and social impact. 




Front Line

This year’s charity auction grew even bigger: 300 artists from 30 countries raised money to support front line workers during the Covid pandemic, as always coordinated by Stef Bastiàn.


Paintings for the NSW Service

Australia went through a violent season of fires which burned almost 12 million acres of land with heavy losses in animal and human lives. Stef joined a collective of international artists auctioning paintings to raise funds for the NSW Rural Fire Department. Organized by Preternaturalperil this initiative raised and donated 18.000$



The Good Book Vol.II

After the success of vol. I, Shaun Topper, and Dan Smith come back with a new edition for this revolutionary concept. Stef joined the collective of over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists to create a one of a kind reference book.



The Tattoo Fan club

Stef is back with his new art exhibition aimed at raising money for charity: “The Tattoo Fan Club”. This year the artists are 200 from over 25 countries and the chosen medium is the Uchiwa, a Japanese paper fan. 

Beautifully displayed at the 15th anniversary of the London Tattoo Convention, this project raised 37.300$ for “Operation Underground Railroad”, a non-profit fighting child exploitment



Hardy Youth- The Mashup

Ever heard of Ed Hardy’s “Mashup” design? With this exhibition, Andreas Coenen celebrates one of the most iconic traditional designs, reinterpreted by some of the most skilled tattoo artists today. Stef took part in this project with one of his paintings, which will be displayed in Aachen, London and San Francisco.


Tattoo Tales

Stef launched his brand new podcast, a series of interviews recording Tattooing hidden treasure: stories.  Available on iTunes, Youtube, Stitcher, and Spotify.


The March of The Matryoshkas // Sep 28-30 // London


What do you get when you give 90 of the world’s best tattooists their own set of Russian nesting dolls? A weird, wonderful, and entirely unforgettable collection of hand-painted matryoshki brought to life in ways you cannot imagine. The dolls will be revealed at this year’s London Tattoo Convention before being sold at auction, with all proceeds going to Save the Children.



Camera Japan Festival // Sep 27-30 // Rotterdam

With his ability to breathe life into yōkai through watercolor, not forgetting to add his own unique twist, Stef’s Yōkai Bentbacks deserves to be seen in person.



Reclaim the dots-The Book // Atonement Books

This collection focuses on Japanese traditional tattooing, with a portion of all sales going to charity.




“Cor Mysterium” // Neversleep Publishing

Featuring almost 200 works of art from some of the world’s best tattooists, Cor Mysterium explores the symbolism behind traditional tattoo designs.



“Tattooed New York” // March-May // New York Historical Society // New York

The exhibition documented the origins and ongoing journey of modern tattooing with particular emphasis on New York City as the central cultural nucleus of the tradition.   Stef’s work was one of the 15 chosen by THE NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, amongst 200, to represent the highest levels of contemporary tattooing.