Original watercolour

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Product Description

Original watercolour, Rohrers pigmented calligraphy ink on Arches cold press watercolor paper.
Rohrers ink is produced with modern raw materials, namely acrylic resin, and highly pigmented colorants. The resin applied as a vehicle to the watery basis is translucent and resistant against amber discoloration and age. The pigments chosen to unite lightfastness with brilliant and beautiful tones.
Arches paper is made the traditional way, on a cylinder mould, which gives a harmonious natural grain. Its composition with long fibers of 100% cotton gives the paper its strength and an inimitable touch. Arches is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper “to the core”. This preserves the lustre and transparency of the colours whilst preventing paints from penetrating the paper.
Measurement:  11 x 14 inches