Stef Bastián



I believe that being a tattooer is more than blending colors, crispy lines, and followers.

A certain understanding of history, mindset, and methods are necessary to not only express your full potential as an artist but to develop a broader and more informed perspective on this trade. These notions are often hard to reach and require years of dedication and networking.

For this reason I have created this program. With it I want to help forming more skilled and conscious artists that have a common mindset of excellence and respect for the trade and the customer.

I’ll do that by sharing what I have learned over two decades of hard work, travels and mistakes. We will address your strengths and weaknesses with an holistic approach that embraces all aspects of your professional output.

It is a three months commitment, 1 on 1 coaching (not a group session).

The structure of the program is designed so that I can afford to give my full time and attention towards delivering the highest value I’m capable of.


In this program we will engage in topics such as drawing fundamentals, Tattoo history and building blocks of main styles, watercolour painting and color harmony, technique, mindset and productivity, branding, networking, mobility for tattooers plus targeted areas of interest.


-You must have at least two years of experience in shops (no apprentices).


-We will start with an initial VETTING PROCESS, to make sure we’re on the same page in regard to goals, efforts, and attitudes toward tattooing. I want to share this knowledge with people that display an ambitious and still humble, hardworking, and respectful mindset.


-After the vetting phase we will have a FREE ASSESSMENT SESSION so that I can tailor the process according to individual goals and priorities. We will navigate through different fields such as Technical skills (both in Drawing/Painting/Tattooing), Style, Mindset, Longevity, History, Ethics, Creativity, Brand and Business model, Side Projects, etc.


-After the assessment session we will meet online every week with both recorded content(so that you can absorb the content in the most organic way possible) and Live (to tackle direct questions and individual targets).


-Every 4 weeks we will have a NEW ASSESSMENT SESSION to evaluate progress and restructure accordingly.

-The price for the full course is 1950€, to be paid in full once participation is confirmed.

-Each program lasts 3 months, only 5 applicants will be accepted per trimester.

-Once each trimester is fully booked you can join a waiting list for the next program. You can confirm your slot on the waiting list by paying a deposit.

For those interested in proceeding further please send an email to:


**Undertaking training that updates existing business or professional skills and expertise (seminars and courses such as this) is tax deductible in many countries.