We’ve all been there, that tedious task that we keep pushing to the next day. 

Training, diet, drawing, business’ stuff, organizing and booking whatever. 

We know that tomorrow it will still be there and we’ll feel worse because we avoided it.

Then we’ll do it again and feel even worse. Vicious cycle. 

Why do we do it? 

I came to realize that often procrastination is not a productivity/time optimization issue but an EMOTIONAL one.

If you honestly look within you’ll realize that some negative emotions are connected to that task. Insecurity, resentment, self-doubt, you name it. 

It’s not the task itself but the negative emotions associated with it that we need to relinquish if we want to improve.

That being said, you gotta know that there is nothing wrong with you. 

If you read about “procrastinatory cognitions” and “present bias” you’ll see that our brains are wired for survival.

The Amygdala prioritizes short-term needs(protecting us from this inner conflict) by “making it go away” into an indefinite future. 

Unfortunately these momentary rewards can feed a self-harming cycle. 

What can we do? 

Acknowledge that it’s about EMOTIONS, NOT PRODUCTIVITY.

Address the root of that discomfort, make peace with it and let it go. 

Give yourself some love and COMPASSION like you would give to a good friend.

Try to observe your thoughts around the task objectively without judgment and remember that this doesn’t define you, it’s just a moment. 

Replace what you want NOW with what you want MOST.

Make the good habits EASY to reach by removing every roadblock and the bad ones as HARD to reach as possible.

Also associate small REWARDS when accomplishing tasks to reinforce that neural connection.

A good book on the subject is “Atomic habits” by James Clear

We go more in depth on self-limiting beliefs in the section called “Mindset” of the painting seminars. 

Procrastinating doesn’t mean you’re lazy, you just need a good look within, a bit more Self-empathy and Discipline, which ultimately is self-love in motion.

If you get to know and make peace with your emotions you can express your full potential which, I know, is vast my friend.