Hi! Thank you so much for taking part in our new charity project!


As you can see the software shuts down the bidding page(that’s how it works).

Don’t worry, I have just received the details of all the bids and I WILL CONTACT INDIVIDUALLY EACH WINNER IN WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS with clear instructions on how to proceed(please bare in mind the volume of emails, I ask you kindly to be patient).

If you won or you’re not sure please hang on. I will contact you in 24 hrs if you did. Please check your emails over the next 3-4 days as sometimes some winners pull off and the item goes to the 2nd highest bidder. In that case I will contact you.


-The donations will be made DIRECTLY TO THE HOSPITALS/CHARITIES with the links that I will personally send you (the money never goes through me). Wait for my email and just follow the instructions. Easy peasy.

-The artworks will be shipped directly to you BY THE ARTIST, with whom I will put you in contact upon receiving the receipt for the donation. They will be responsible for handling and shipping your artwork, not me. I just coordinate this talented bunch.

-In top of the winning amount I will ask you to send a 25€ PAYPAL DIRECTLY TO THE ARTIST to cover shipping fees(once I will put you in contact directly, he/she will give you instructions for their PayPal and specific details, as this amount might change from country to country)

!! Please know in advance that delivers might suffer LONGER DELAYS as many countries shut down any non essential postal service at the moment. Your shipment will be sent as soon as the services go back to normal schedule, the artists will keep you posted.

Thank you again, you made all of this possible and soon I will share the results of our collective effort ❤️

Stef Bastiàn