There are moments that go beyond daily routines, personal achievements, professional routes. This one was one of those. A rare gift where Life expresses itself in its purest form and the best you can do is to be grateful for being part of it.

While traveling in Belgium I had the luck to cross path with Timo Graver, a young Dutchman.

Timo has been given possibly the toughest hand to deal with. Bones cancer which led to a leg amputation while still in his 20’s.

This would bring the toughest to his/her knees. Not this guy tho.

Through the afternoon I spent with him I got to know his attitude, his approach to this insurmountable obstacle and his exemplary courage.

Timo is possibly the most positive person I ever met. Happy, not a negative word for anything or anybody, bright. He embraced his situation with a light spirit, finding the strength to shine his humor over the darkest moments. An absolute example of resilience.

A few months later I’ve met Timo again as his condition got worst and his best friend wanted to get the same tattoo he got. So I decided to fly to Amsterdam for one day, to be part of this beautiful gesture.

I gotta say I haven’t felt the same since that day I’ve met Timo, he changed my perspective for the best. That day I’ve been given a gift and I felt compelled to share what can inspire others.

Behind what might seem a sad story there is a beautiful lesson appealing to our better nature. A lesson of perception, resilience, and gratitude which might make us more aware of what we really have in this life. Behind expectations, validation, and materialism.

We’re all here for a short time but the celebration of the life of this young man will resonate as an example for much longer than that.